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Why are we so sick? Treating symptoms and not the cause.

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Treating the symptoms and not the cause.

It’s a known fact that treating the symptoms of a problem and not the cause leads to an even greater issue and doesn’t solve anything. This approach only encourages people to do more of the thing that causes the problem in the first place.

All we need to do is look at non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity to get a clear picture of what’s happening. All of these diseases are on the rise and nothing is being done to prevent them. On the other hand everything is being done to treat them. 

Such a system is convenient for a profitable business model but does nothing for the health and safety of society’s citizens. This model only makes society sicker and weaker both physically and mentally. 

The rates of disease and anxiety have never been so high in human history and the worst part about it is that we’re encouraging this epidemic. The issue with treating symptoms and not the cause is that we’ll never truly solve the problem but only cover it with a temporary Band-Aid. What we’re doing right now is the equivalent of someone going into a doctor’s office and saying that he’s suffering from a headache because everyday he punches himself in the side of the head six to twelve times.

Instead of addressing the cause of his headache, which is the knocking of his head, the doctor chooses to provide him with some ibuprofen. What can this possibly solve? The “cure” is temporary, lasting only as long as the drugs will work. The real solution would be to figure out why he’s knocking himself in the side of the head and address the cause. Once the hitting stops, the headaches will go away for good and there will be no need for drugs.

Unfortunately this solution (addressing the cause) would rob big pharmaceutical companies of billions of dollars and so, is regularly ignored. 

If we turn our attention to what’s happening with the obesity crisis, we can see the same thing happening but instead of prescribing drugs, we’re censoring public opinion regarding the issue. No one can speak negatively about it and obesity is now being worked into the norms of society. 

We’re not concerned about why it’s actually taking place (the cause) but we’re more concerned with how we can make obese people feel comfortable about their predicament (the symptoms). 

We’re literally committing societal suicide with this approach because we’re encouraging the slow demise of society. We’re deep into the most diseased era that society has ever experienced and we’re not even close to being finished yet. The saddest part about it is that it’s all occurring because of greed. Big food companies have a vested interest in keeping the direction that our society is going in and making sure that it stays this way. More obese people means more sales of their products. If we start addressing the cause of obesity that would mean taking a closer look at what obese people are actually doing.

You can try and argue that it’s down to a lack of exercise, which does have something to do with it, but the main culprit in this madness is diet. Being exposed to such highly processed, calorie dense foods that hold next to no nutrition is literally like the equivalent of feeding your child poison. The poison doesn’t take full effect immediately but builds up over years. Wreaking havoc by imbedding itself in their daily nutritional habits and destroying their health.

This is what we’re trying to protect for some strange reason. The worst part is that as society has progressed we have become softer and less educated. We lack the capabilities of critical thinking that would allow us to see the sham that we’re being exposed to. We feel overwhelmed by the stories and symbols that are used to persuade us and can’t think clearly, so we follow the masses in their hysteria.

No one takes a second to think anymore, to take a closer look at what’s actually going on. Instead, we cheer for a society that’s running towards new laws that may allow obese people to go to work an hour later than the rest of us because they can’t deal with their morning rush hour anxiety. Competitions that were solely based on objective beauty, like "Miss Universe" will now be changed to allow obese people to take part because they can’t be bothered to actually workout to get in shape. They actually feel like some form of discrimination is taking place!?

We can no longer mention that someone could benefit from losing a few kilos because their feelings might get hurt. Maybe it’s time to take a second to think and ask ourselves, what are we actually doing here?

My question is why is everyone attacking and censoring their own people? Instead, why are we not infuriated by our political system? At the end of the day corruption is the cause of this problem. Money has allowed this epidemic to take place, through relentless lobbying and criminal advertising. Yes it’s a crime to advertise poison to children. Sugar is poison… 

Propaganda is being used to sway public opinion. A new narrative has been created and fed to us and we’re eating it all up without even giving it a second thought. And if you don’t think big food companies are rejoicing over how we’re playing into their game by celebrating obesity, then you’re clearly part of the problem. We need to stop being so sensitive and need to toughen up a little. 

I used to be fat when I was young and was sometimes called fatso. Even in the school that I attended, which is quite a progressive school. I remember, around the age of twelve, a sports teacher was looking at me while I was by the vending machine. After just having bought a can of coke her eyes darted towards me and with a look of disgust on her face, she said the word “Fat”. And then she stepped a little closer and went on to repeat it again “Fat” and walked off.

Now granted, it didn’t feel good to be called fat by an adult, let alone a teacher in the school. I also think that that definitely wasn’t the way to communicate with a child, but hey, what you gonna do about it; She was right. I was fat. 

Like any child I went home later on that day and told my mum what had happened in school. Interestingly enough my mum didn’t lose her shit like most parents would nowadays. I remember she seemed hurt (and a little angry) by the fact that I was called fat but I think deep down inside she knew the teacher wasn’t wrong. So like any good mother she consoled and comforted me and made me feel good about myself. What she didn’t do was contact the local paper, ready to share my story, outraged and hungry for blood. She wasn’t interested in trying to fire the teacher. She assessed the situation and made sure that I was ok by being a good mother and taking care of me.

Now I know everyone isn’t so lucky to have a good, strong mother, but that just goes to show how things were done back in the day. These are character building moments, which strengthen you. Now, not even twenty years later you wouldn’t dream of a similar situation being dealt with in the same way.

We need to realise that by allowing the baby to have what it wants when it wants we’re killing ourselves slowly. By protecting the baby from experiencing any kind of negative emotions, we’re destroying character. How can it be that we’re now rewarding the baby for being so undisciplined? 

The only positive I can see from being so undisciplined is that it increases consumption. We’re creating mindless, spineless consumers that make the wheels of economy spin. Too stupid to think, too lazy to work and too sensitive to be told any kind of truism. All that this kind of citizen is concerned with, is what can be purchased with the little money that they’ve made that will make them feel good. 

The latest fashion and gadgets will make me feel important (positive emotion). The delicious highly processed items of “food” that are so highly available everywhere in my environment will make me feel happy. I don’t need to hold myself accountable for anything because society protects me and rewards me for being a consumer. Life is great. I can numb myself by purchasing, but god forbid that I try to solve any kind problem by using my brain. Eating and consuming is easier to achieve happiness…. Which, by the way, cannot be purchased. Just in case you were wondering.

Now, not all is lost yet. There is still hope but it requires the unthinkable and that is… to actually use our brains and think for a second.

We’ve tried treating the symptoms for close to a hundred years now. That model clearly doesn’t work when it comes to our health. The rest of the world has embraced globalism and all that has done is wipe out culture and skyrocket non-communicable diseases (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer). Business has profited massively from this model, to the point where it has practically developed another industry just so that it can deal with the symptoms that it’s caused, which is the pharmaceutical industry. 

Now this is where we need to think. What’s more important; the health and wellbeing of our society or the profit margins of big business? What would you rather have, a beautiful place where your children can play and thrive or hardly any trees and drinking water left for our survival? What’s more important; your feelings or the betterment of society?

There’s a term called stoicism, which means the endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings and without complaint. The stoics are the ones that are willing to endure pain or discomfort in order to create. They’re the ones that are willing to endure the hardships for the greater good. We're now in an overly epicurean society, where the sole purpose is pleasure. We can see that this is destroying what the stoics have built. We need to restore some sort of balance and the only way to do that is to adopt a stoic philosophy. We must toughen up. 

We need to realise that we can’t always give into our desires because that leads us to over eat and over consume, which makes us diseased and fat. We can’t always cry when someone makes us feel bad because that just makes us soft and weak (which leads us to seek comfort…usually found in food). We can’t run from self-education just because it’s painful to read and learn. Rejecting education will make us senseless and even more irrational. 

We can however rewire our brains to be more stoic. It’s not easy and no one ever said that it would be, but it’s possible. It just takes will power and time. By being willing to try, try and try again, we can eventually succeed. We’re not to blame for the problematic situation that we’ve found ourselves in but we can’t dwell on the issue either. We must solve it.

If you want to lose weight, embrace the fact that you’re fat and choose to make a change. Hold yourself accountable. You’re in control of your actions and can consciously choose to eat real foods instead of cheap highly processed, calorie dense foods. Choose to learn how to cook and build an exercise routine for yourself that suits you. The interesting thing is, by eating real foods you’ll be helping the environment because you’ll be decreasing the amount of fast-food/ processed food that you eat. This will halt the deforestation of rainforests because food companies won’t have such a high demand for their product. 

The meat industry cuts down trees in rainforests in order to raise cattle and plant corn and soya beans to feed their animals. They also waste astronomical amounts of water and pollute our water supplies by dumping their waste in rivers and oceans.

Read up about the basic principles of psychology (William James is a good place to start) to help yourself deal with your anxiety, which is ever increasing due to technology. Read short summaries of the great philosophers of the past to train yourself in critical thinking. This will allow you to analyse the lies that are being told instead of taking them as truths.

The journey that has to be taken is one of self-education, self-discovery and sharing. We must help ourselves in order to help each other. We cannot wait for our politicians to make the change because they’re in too deep with the companies that are causing the problem. Everyday we’re giving these companies more and more power by supporting them with our money when we purchase their products. If we each do our part we can eventually reverse the damage that’s being done by giving these companies no other option but to change or disappear due to lack of demand.

The power does lie with the people and the sooner we realise that, the sooner we can take action and make a positive change. Maybe it’s time we start taking it seriously that a butterfly can flap its wings in the Amazonian jungle and create an effect that triggers a storm that ravages half of Europe. If this is the case, then just think about what small shifts in your thinking and small changes in your behaviour can do. It could lead to massive positive changes in the end result of our society.

Hopefully you’ll choose to make the right decision.

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